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West Texas Talk

Civility in civic discourse, please

December 14th, 2010

I find it very troubling when a concerned citizen takes out of context what our school superintendent wrote in a letter to the editor after the defeat of the school tax proposal and uses it to attack her creditability. This is mean spirited and counterproductive. Mrs. Swinnea clearly said in her letter “Regarding accountability of …

A good, simple chair with nothing to hide

December 14th, 2010


Back when I watched television my favorite program was Antiques Roadshow. It gave me a delicious sense of schadenfreude – pleasure in the misfortunes of others – when the appraiser, a suave, supercilious Sotheby’s type, would say to some grandmotherly lady who had brought in an old cane-bottomed chair, “Well, madam, had you …

About the gas board

December 14th, 2010

I’ve been reading with great interest, for quite some time, the numerous and varying opinions written about Southwest Texas Municipal Gas Corporation (SWTMGC). I now feel compelled to add my own opinion. My father had related to me for years how the gas company was actually developed around our kitchen table in the early ‘60s, …

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