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Line break leaves Presidio without power

February 5th, 2011


UPDATE: AEP has informed that full power was restored to Presidio by 2:15pm.

PRESIDIO – A break in the main power line to Presidio left the border community without electricity for a time late Friday morning. The outage occurred between 10:30-11am, said Eddie Pallarez, AEP’s district supervisor.

Due to the colder temperatures – even …

McDonald astronomers weigh heaviest known black hole

February 4th, 2011

SEATTLE – Astronomers led by Karl Gebhardt of The University of Texas at Austin have measured the most massive known black hole in our cosmic neighborhood by combining data from a giant telescope in Hawai’i and a smaller telescope in Texas.

The result is an ironclad mass of 6.6 billion Suns for the black hole in …

Temporary closures noted for BBNP nesting peregrines

February 4th, 2011

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK – In August 1999, the Peregrine falcon was removed from the federal endangered species list, a move prompted by the falcon’s comeback from the brink of extinction. However, throughout Texas there are fewer than a dozen known nesting pairs and the falcon remains on the state’s endangered species list.

Federal Endangered Species …

Grand jury clears officers of wrong-doing in shooting of 14-year-old

February 4th, 2011

HUDSPETH COUNTY – A grand jury in Hudspeth County has no-billed all the officers involved in the Easter 2010 incident that resulted in the shooting death of a 14-year-old male.

Sheriff’s deputies and two Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens were searching for the youth on April 4 after he reportedly ran away from home …

District attorney investigator charged with theft

February 4th, 2011


FORT STOCKTON – A Fort Stockton investigator for the 83rd District Attorney’s office has been indicted for theft by a public servant resulting from incidents that allegedly took place when he worked for the Pecos County Attorney.

Aldo Gonzales, 57, was indicted January 26 of the theft of $500 or more but less than …

Presidio city administrator a finalist for post in Breckenridge

February 4th, 2011


PRESIDIO – Presidio City Administrator Brad Newton is one of four finalists from a national search hoping to serve as City Manager of Breckenridge, a city of roughly 5,500 residents between Abilene and Dallas.

A search committee had whittled a list of 49 bona fide candidates to four, and Newton was in Breckenridge early …

Fort Stockton to review water permit settlement

February 4th, 2011


FORT STOCKTON – Officials from the city of Fort Stockton will propose a settlement with Fort Stockton Holdings at a public hearing set for 1pm Friday at the city’s civic center.

At issue is a pending permit that would allow Fort Stockton Holdings to export 41 million gallons of water per day for sale …

Fort Davis NHS view protected

Fort Davis NHS view protected

February 1st, 2011


The National Parks Conservation Association announced yesterday that a key 49-acre bluff adjacent to the Fort Davis National Historic Site has been protected.

The land became part of the NHS after a deal finalized last week by The Conservation Fund.

Fort Davis looking west

In a statement, John Morlock, superintendent of the Fort …

Winter blasting the Big Bend

Winter blasting the Big Bend

January 31st, 2011


Freezing temperatures are expected to remain throughout the day Thursday, with a high that will not likely hit 20 degrees.

Temperatures fell to 5 degrees overnight, with wind chills in some areas as low as -15 degrees. A low of -5 degrees is predicted for tonight. The warming should begin tomorrow afternoon, and temperatures …

Shooting in Ojinaga claims life of 53-year-old man

January 28th, 2011

OJINAGA, MEXICO – The body of a 53-year-old man was found Sunday night after police received an anonymous phone call to the emergency number.

The body was identified as Carlos Lares Polanco.

Several residents of the CDP neighborhood reported to the city police that a crime had taken place on 34th Street, between Rojas Domínguez and Bolívar.

Upon …

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