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Sentinel earns awards in Texas press newspaper contest

July 6th, 2017 under Top Stories

MARFA – Marfa Big Bend Sentinel newspaper reporters and photographers received a second place award for news writing and a third place award for news photo among Division 7 newspapers in the Texas Press Association’s 2017 Texas Better Newspaper Contest. The awards were announced in late June.

In the news writing category, Sentinel reporters John Daniel Garcia and Alpine correspondent Jim Street were honored, with Garcia’s October 27, 2016 story on Zuzu Verk’s disappearance and the press conference that followed and Street’s September 15, 2016 story on the Alpine High School attempted murder of a student and the suicide of a student who shot her classmate.

“Solid job on both stories,” wrote the judges.

Garcia was also named in the third-place award for news photography along with former Sentinel reporter Sarah M. Vasquez.

The submitted package included Vasquez’s June 23 photo of the Blue Origin rocket launch near Sierra Blanca, Garcia’s September 15 photo of an Alpine High School student following the school shooting, his October 6 photo of an anti-pipeline march in Alpine with Native American protesters, and his December 8 photo of Big Bend Defense Coalition member Lori Glover’s arrest at the Pumpco yard in Alpine.

“Newsy content. Lots of news photo worthy events,” wrote the judges.

The Texas Press Association holds the contest every year, with judges from out-of-state press associations critiquing content.


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Story filed under: Top Stories

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