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Ojinaga law enforcement team up with Pecos police for training

July 27th, 2017 under Top Stories

PECOS, OJINAGA — Ojinaga Police and other Chihuahua law enforcement agencies recently teamed up with the Pecos Police Department, according to media partners CBS 7.

The Mexican authorities reached out expressing that they’ve had little to no training on even the basics.

“We make many mistakes because of a lack of training,” said Leticia Mendez, a member of law enforcement in Chihuahua.

The Pecos Police Department was happy to help out.

“Emergency first aid out in the field, to how to approach a car out on a traffic stop, to clearing a house with an individual inside, just all kind of phases of training like that,” said Clay McKinney, Chief of Police in Pecos.

Conducting a safe traffic stop was the big focus during Friday’s realistic training, a big concern for the authorities from Chihuahua, now aiming to learn how to keep their officers safe.

They were taught to walk in a half circle towards the vehicle they have pulled over.

This is because if they walk straight towards the vehicle, the officer can be seen in the rear view mirror, turning a simple traffic stop into a deadly situation.

“The most important thing that I learned when I got shot is that anything can go wrong,” said Adrian Urias, an officer for the Ojinaga Police Department.

The Pecos Police Department is also working to donate bullet proof vests to law enforcement agencies in Chihuahua.

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