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July 13th, 2017 under Obituaries
Edmundo Nieto

Edmundo Nieto

In remembrance of our Father, Edmundo Nieto and in reverence to the love, pride and admiration we have for him and his accomplishments during the period of his life, we share memories and deep gratitude for the many contributions that he made to our family, relatives, friends, the city of Presidio and his military service to this country during World War II. We ask everyone to include and remember him in your prayers.

Recently, July 2, 2017, our Dad, Edmundo Nieto, lifetime resident business and civic leader of Presidio, Texas, peacefully passed away in his home.

He just recently (March 29, 2017) celebrated his 98th birthday.  He was born in Presidio, Texas on March 29, 1919 to Miguel Nieto and Maria Vasquez de Nieto.  Throughout his life he was known to friends and relatives as “Mundo”.  His love and dedication towards all his friends, relatives and business associates and customers, and there were many, was consistently complete, reliable and beyond reproach.

Edmundo completed his elementary and high school education in Presidio, Texas and he attended St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration in 1941.  When World War II broke out Edmundo had been selected for Officer’s Training and Commissioning program.  However, due to escalated war efforts his Officer Commissioning program was bypassed and he was then drafted into the Army as an enlisted man.  His service included Italy, France, Germany and Africa.  He proudly served in the United States Army from 1942 to 1945 and received numerous decorations for his honorable and loyal service.  Every November 11, Veterans Day, the community of Presidio celebrates local veterans and Edmundo Nieto is especially recognized and acknowledged as a surviving World War II Veteran.  During the 2016 Veterans Day, Miguel Edmundo Nieto, grandson of Edmundo had the honor of speaking at Presidio High School for and expressing the recognition and appreciation of the community and the family to his grandfather.  In his words

“…Edmundo Nieto is and always will be remembered as one who served, not to obtain glory but freedom and the simple recognition of a service well done, to whom a simple thank you is not enough…Edmundo, we love you with all our heart, we admire you for all your knowledge, patience and understanding, we thank you for everything you have done for us.”

Edmundo Nieto, with other Presidio business associates were instrumental in forming and developing the first Municipal Water System for Presidio, Texas.

In 1981, upon incorporation of the city of Presidio, Texas, Edmundo Nieto was elected and served several terms as a City Council Member.  He was instrumental in numerous improvements initiated and accomplished by the city government of that time.

Edmundo was an active participant and member of numerous organizations that were created and maintained to serve the betterment of the community and city.  Organizations such as the LIONS CLUB, American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Church advisory board and school board.

After his departure from the U. S. Army, he ran the family department store founded by his father, Miguel Nieto in 1913 and is still in operation to this date. He married Socorro Herrera in October 1946.  They were blessed with four sons.

Edmundo is survived by his sons, Edmundo M. Nieto Jr., retired Architect living in Denver, Colorado, Juan M. Nieto, Emergency Medical Doctor currently living in Austin,Texas, Carlos E. Nieto, Businessman and civic leader at Presidio, Texas, and Mario L. Nieto, Businessman and Family Store Manager at Presidio, Texas.  His sisters Delfa N. Spencer and Eva M. Nieto both currently living in Rockwall, Texas.  Eight grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Miguel and Maria V. Nieto; his wife Socorro H. Nieto, and sisters, Lucy Nieto, Emma N. Jimenez, Corina N. Rohana.

Edmundo!!! rest in eternal peace!  May the Lord be at your side always and keep you in his grace.  We will pray for you and keep you in our hearts forever.

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