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Greasewood Gallery presents ‘Phenomena’ exhibit until July 16

July 13th, 2017 under Arts

MARFA — What lies behind UFO phenomena? Is it a commercially profitable story, a mass delusion with social consequences, a religious myth or a true physical phenomenon?

Undertaking an investigative journey through the states of Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, this Copenhagen based artist collective of Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen and Tobia Selnaeas Markussen, employ an anthropological approach combining photography and extensive research as a way of examining the modern myth of ETs and UFOs.

“Phenomena” documents an alternative system of belief, where neither God nor mankind is at the center of the universe, and it strives to achieve an understanding of humanity’s eternal search for substance, countered by the existential fear of meaninglessness.

By collecting as much data as possible, while maintaining a non-judgmental attitude towards their informants they encourage others to take a critical, but open minded view of their discoveries, because the complexity of the subject and constant flow of changing information mean that the pieces can be combined in infinite ways.

Some of the stories are contradictory; some might not even be true. The work may feel at times like fiction, but it is entirely based on reality.

Pheomena will also be part of an Instagram take over on #eastwingphoto from 10 – 16 July, giving an ‘on the road’ account of the installation and exhibition.;;

For more information on the Dynamics of Dust contact: Elie Domit at:

Telephone: +971 505 533 879

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