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U.S. Rep. Hurd lends a hand in Presidio bridge project

June 8th, 2017 under Top Stories


PRESIDIO — An alliance that saw Congressman Will Hurd work alongside local, state, federal, and binational agencies, helped bring to fruition the long-awaited final step in the Presidio Port of Entry expansion project.

It was announced last week that the U.S. State Department had granted the Presidio bridge project its Presidential Permit meaning the project can now move forward, and will widen the local Port of Entry one lane in either direction to accommodate 18-wheelers. Due to the efforts of Congressman Will Hurd alongside local officials, the long-planned expansion initiative will strengthen cross-border trade between the U.S. and Mexico and position Presidio as an efficient and cost-effective transit hub for imports and exports.

Receiving the permit is the last hurdle before construction may begin, a news release from Congressman Will Hurd’s office said.

“Cross-border trade is the lifeblood of many communities in my district, including Presidio. These infrastructure improvements will create jobs, reduce arduous border wait times, and facilitate the flow of goods and services through the region,” said U.S. Representative Will Hurd, whose district includes over 800 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, more than any other Member of Congress. “This will have a huge economic impact on the hardworking folks in Presidio and the surrounding farmers and ranchers who rely on this port of entry to feed their families. I am thrilled to see this project cross the finish line, and look forward to capitalizing on this achievement by tackling other projects in support of this trade route.”

The expansion of the Presidio-Ojinaga crossing, which will allow two lanes of traffic in both U.S. and Mexico-bound directions, has been many years in the making.

“We are most grateful to Congressman Hurd for all his assistance in making sure this was taken care of in a timely manner. This will greatly benefit our community,” said Presidio Mayor John Ferguson.

Brad Newton, Executive Director of the Presidio Municipal Development District expressed gratitude to all of those involved. “The City of Presidio will benefit for years to come with the expansion of the Presidio-Ojinaga International Bridge,” Newton said. “Being the only international crossing in a stretch that makes up 20 percent of the entire US-Mexico Border with Mexico, Presidio is looking forward to new business and jobs to locate here. The issuance of the Presidential Permit is the needed catalyst to ignite steady growth in our local economy. I appreciate and thank all the men and women who helped us get this historic document in place.”

Jake Giesbrecht of the Presidio International Port Authority and President of Bullet Transport Services lauded the cooperative efforts of the local, state, federal and binational agencies, who worked together to secure the Presidential Permit for Presidio.

“We look forward to continue working with local, state, federal and binational agencies in the future to build the Presidio Port into one of the most efficient and modern ports between the United States and Mexico,” Geisbrecht added.

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