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June 8th, 2017 under Obituaries
Wendy Salyers Pollard

Wendy Salyers Pollard

Wendy Salyers Pollard died peacefully on June 1, 2017.

For the last year of her life, Wendy waged a valiant battle against cancer. Through her family and friends, God sent an army of angels to love, support, and lift her up.  Her loved ones marveled as day, after day, after day, Wendy fought with the heart of a lion. Those who shared that time with her were profoundly blessed.

In keeping with the way she lived, Wendy left this life on her own terms. Secure in her faith in God, and wrapped in love, she found that perfect peace.

She was special from the moment Mike and Barb Salyers welcomed her into their family in Genoa, Nebraska, on November 21, 1968. They loved, protected and nurtured her. When they sent her out in the world, she had an intrinsic grace and elegance, a generous heart, and a joyful spirit.  She stood solidly on the foundation of her faith in God.  Her wit and sense of humor were a delight.  The sound of her laugh and the sparkle in her eyes were uniquely her own.

Wendy had a lifelong commitment to fitness and healthy living.  She was a seeker of knowledge and counted teaching as one of the great blessings in her life.  She treasured the people she found through this journey.

Wendy was generous and lit from within.  People were drawn to that light in a way that was magical. Somehow, no matter what was needed, they seemed to be able to find it in Wendy.  They were warmed in her presence and walked away improved.

In Dallas, Texas, Jim Pollard and Wendy found each other. They were married on March 12, 1994.  They joined hands and began building their life together.  Theirs was a home full of laughter, music and love.  They surrounded themselves with growing things, animals who were part of the family, and lots and lots of chickens.

Into this idyllic world they brought Charless, Sophia and Tripp.  The years that followed were literally drenched with blessings and bounty.  So many Christmas mornings, meals shared around a table, discussions of all things great and small.  There were prayers and bedtime stories, first steps, and squabbles between the girls. Then came volleyball games, dirt bikes, first dates and driving lessons. Through it all, there were knowing looks and secret smiles between loving parents.  Wendy made certain that they all kept God close, and praised Him in all they did.

Motherhood was the greatest joy in Wendy’s life.  She touched her children tenderly, protected them ferociously, and loved them beyond measure.

The union between Jim and Wendy was deep and abiding as they faced the cruelest of all tests. They stood side by side, and arm in arm as they went to war with cancer.  She was his quiet strength. He was her warrior.

When you’ve grown accustomed to the light, the void is devastating.  By example, Wendy showed us to trust in God fundamentally and completely, and know that, through Him, we will be made whole again.  Until then, we hold fast to the blessing that Wendy lives on through her children and all those who loved her.

Godspeed Wendy. Thank you.

Wendy is preceded in death by her grandparents, Dean and Mabel Salyers and Rolland and Berniece McQuiston; Jim’s parents and brother Frank, Martha and Mark Pollard.

She is survived by her family Jim, Charless, Sophia and Tripp Pollard. Her parents Mike and Barb Salyers of Harvard, Nebraska.  Sisters: Lisa Krieger and husband Dave of Decatur, Texas.  Sarah and husband Jeff of Kearney, Nebraska. Nieces and nephews: Michael Krieger and wife Brittany of Golden, Colorado; Taylor Krieger and son Lincoln of Dallas, Texas; Colin and Addyson Jones of Kearney, Nebraska. Sister-in-law Lisa Pollard.

The extended Charless family: Lori and Robert Upham and family; Brandon and Suzanne Beck and family; Kyle and Tisha Beck and family.  And loving aunts, uncles and cousins who shared treasured memories.

Services were the morning of Wednesday, June 7 at the First United Methodist Church, 315 N. Church Street, McKinney, Texas.

Pallbearers are Patrick Burke, Frank Cortese, Kevin Hopson, Steve Howard, Travis Klosterboer, Russ Monroe, Larry Tooker and Jason Stamboulieh. Honorary Pallbearers are Brandon Beck, Kyle Beck, Pierce Beck, Ramsey Fanous, Dave Krieger, Michael Krieger, Robert Upham and Slade Upham.

The family gratefully asks that donations be made to the Wendy Pollard Charitable Foundation, c/o Russ Monroe, Treasurer, 630 Maple Creek Drive, Fairview, TX 75069.

Donations can be made via at

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