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Mexican officials find 2 dead in the Rio Grande near Presidio

June 29th, 2017 under Top Stories

PRESIDIO Mexican officials on Tuesday discovered two deceased individuals in the Rio Grande west of Presidio.

During the early morning hours, officials from the Government of Mexico alerted Border Patrol agents in Presidio about the discovery of two deceased subjects. Agents immediately responded to assist Mexican officials. “Grupo Beta,” an office under the National Institute of Migration which is charged with providing humanitarian aid to immigrants, recovered the bodies from the river.

The victims are suspected of being part of a larger group of undocumented aliens who illegally crossed into the United States in the same vicinity and were arrested by Border Patrol agents.

The Big Bend Sector International Liaison Unit is working closely with Mexican authorities to identify those deceased so that the next of kin can be notified.

The landscape of Big Bend Sector is rugged and desolate. Many undocumented aliens who are apprehended or rescued are unprepared for adverse weather or long distances they often must travel on foot. The Big Bend Sector maintains a Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue Unit designed to rescue those in distress. The sector also has Border Patrol agents who are also EMTs at many of its stations who respond to medical emergencies.

Through its International Liaison efforts with the Government of Mexico along with the “CBP Dangers Campaign,” the United States Border Patrol is active in communicating the dangers of crossing the border illegally to potential crossers.

The Big Bend Sector continues to work with its federal, state and local law enforcement partners and the Government of Mexico to secure and promote safety along the 510 miles of the southwest border for which it represents.

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