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Man charged with graffiti pleads guilty

June 29th, 2017 under Community

FORT DAVIS — Odessa resident Mark Anthony Skeen pled guilty to a Class B misdemeanor graffiti charge in Jeff Davis County Court on Wednesday, June 21.

In accordance with the plea agreement worked out between County Attorney Todd and Skeen’s attorney John Armstrong, Skeen was sentenced by Judge Jeannette Duer to 90 days in jail probated for one year, $600 fine, 60 hours of parks-related community service and $330 in restitution to be paid to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Specialized paint will be needed to cover the spray paint used by Skeen to deface the rocks at the roadside park on Highway 17 going north to Balmorhea.

“The beauty of our region deserves protection and this was a small but important victory for Jeff Davis County,” Jeff Davis County Attorney Teresa L. Todd said.

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Story filed under: Community

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