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June 15th, 2017 under West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight


Presidio and Marfa communities,

I want to thank the Presidio community for allowing me to serve as a health care provider in Presidio for over four years. It is with a heavy heart that I will no longer be serving the Presidio community. I will still be with PCHS, but beginning July 1, I will begin practicing in Marfa on each Monday – Wednesday. If you have been a patient of mine in Presidio, you are welcome to see me in Marfa.

I look forward to a great future serving the Marfa community as a health care provider again. It is an honor to serve each of you!

Thank you,

Krista Powell, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner



Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara announced June 12 the county had received a $500,000 gift commitment from Trans-Pecos Pipeline, LLC.

We are asking our Commissioners Court to consider using the donation for a long-term solution that would benefit all residents of Presidio County.

For example, if the county invested in solar infrastructure to power the county jail and/or the county courthouse, it would save the county thousands of dollars over many years and relieve the tax burden on the county’s residents.

Drones, ATVs and automobiles will not save anyone any money. With $500,000 the county could partially offset the county jail debt AND generate solar power for the jail.

Why not invest in the future and save money for future generations in Presidio County instead of spending this money on items that will wear out in a few years?

We realize solar energy is just one idea and we are certainly open and encourage any other long-term solutions benefitting all the residents of our county.

Thank you,

Alan Dickson

Trey Gerfers

Buck Johnston

Taylor Livingston

Zeke Raney




It seems Donald Trump has proved that the title “Leader of the Free World” can no longer be automatically bestowed upon the President of the United States. And after his pathetic excuse of a cabinet meeting on Monday, I suspect he is viewed more as the laughing stock of the free world. No, the entire world!

What I don’t understand is why members of the cabinet, many of whom are proven leaders in their chosen fields (political ideology aside), demeaned themselves by being nothing more than cheerleaders for a dangerously insecure president, especially after listening to 12 minutes of Trump’s lies and half-truths about what a great job he has been doing. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson actually looked like he wanted to barf while Pence, Sessions, Priebus and most of the others praised their great and wonderful leader.

Can the prospect of even more tax cuts, like those in their health care plan, overrule any sense of self-worth for a bunch of millionaires and billionaires? I certainly don’t see any of them living paycheck to paycheck like millions of regular Americans, so I can’t imagine they actually need more money.

I almost wish someone would pat Trump on his head (in public) and say, “You’re a good boy, Donnie, but you need to stop playing golf and tweeting long enough to act like a president.” I’m not holding my breath, though.

In the meantime Democrats should hold off on impeachment comments (as long as they can, anyway), simply because Trump is the catalyst for the probable 2018 election wipeout of radical Republicans. And if Will Hurd votes for any of his colleagues’ harmful legislation he should be wiped out as well.

Fred Gossien




I’m not sure what to focus on anymore, there’s so much and it’s moving so fast – Trump, Comey, Congress, Abbot, etc., and so on.

But, it’s quiet on the home front, for which I am very grateful. And, some streets are being paved!

Our governor is trying to pass a very controversial law about bathrooms. Our old, enfeebled and failed Congress continues its divisiveness. And, our President stumbles on.

As it said in The New York Times recently, we live in the United States of Xanax. I could use some Xanax. You?

And, the bottom line continues to be the politically divided electorate.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Ken Whitley


Story filed under: West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight

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