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Marfa mayor-elect’s home vandalized

May 18th, 2017 under Top Stories


MARFA – The home of Marfa Mayor-elect Ann Marie Nafziger was targeted in a late Monday night or early Tuesday morning vandalism attack, the metallic spray painting of a vulgar, misogynistic slur on the western wall of her residence.

According to Nafziger, another Marfa resident, who notified Nafziger and her husband, Peter Stanley of the incident on Tuesday, discovered the profane graffiti.

When Stanley attempted to file a complaint with the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office, dispatch apparently didn’t allow him to do so.

“[When Stanley] called the Presidio County Sheriff’s Department to report the vandalism, dispatch told us that because the crime occurred within city limits the sheriff’s office wouldn’t respond,” Nafziger told the Big Bend Sentinel.

Stanley, an outgoing Marfa City Council member, made the successful motion to reject the city’s law enforcement agreement with the sheriff’s office and reinstate a municipal police force at the last Marfa City Council meeting,

The couple, following the advice of Marfa City Attorney Teresa Todd, contacted Presidio County precinct 1 Constable Estevan “Steve” Marquez, a state certified peace officer. Todd is also the Jeff Davis County Attorney.

According to Marquez, the investigation is ongoing with no suspects or leads having been identified in the early stages of the investigation. “We’re asking that the residents in the neighborhood let us know if they have seen anyone they don’t recognize or seem suspicious.”

The incident led Nafziger to question whether the sheriff’s office will continue to provide police protection to Marfa despite the lack of a contract or whether the office will be selective of cases.

“I don’t know whether the sheriff’s office is responding to any calls in Marfa now, or if he just didn’t respond to this one,” she wrote in an e-mail to the Sentinel. “Thankfully, Constable Marquez is happy to help provide interim public safety until we establish our own police force. The city has been assured by DPS that they will act as an assisting agency for him as needed.”

When asked about the vandalism reported at Marfa mayor-elect Ann Marie Nafziger’s house and how was that handled, is it true they were told to call the city of Marfa, Dominguez responded, “Correct, at the time, that was not a priority call. If they can wait we can get to it, they may have misinterpreted the response.”

He added that for emergency situations they will continue to serve the City of Marfa. The sheriff spoke to the Sentinel on Wednesday afternoon.

The act of vandalism itself, she added, is uncharacteristic of the city, and has asked that the citizens of Marfa unite to temper such divisiveness.

“I’m troubled by this act of hate and cowardice. It was targeted misogyny, clearly directed toward me as a woman,” she said. “I ask every Marfa citizen to join me in standing strong against this kind of behavior. There is no place for hate, prejudice, racism, bigotry, discrimination, and intolerance in our town.”

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