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May 11th, 2017 under West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight


On Thursday, May 4th, the Marfa ISD Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosted a Luau-themed luncheon to honor the entire MISD staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. Great food from Come And Take It BBQ, music from the Hawaiian islands, luau decor and lots of wonderful door prizes were shared by all. The PTO was thrilled with the generous donations given to us by so many local businesses and we would like to thank the following for their kind contributions…Frama, Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Porter’s, Hotel Saint George/Marfa Book Company, Ranch Candy, Dairy Queen, Food Shark, Jett’s Grill, Hotel Paisano, The Get Go, BoyZ2Men, Marfa Soap Company, Buns N Roses, Pizza Foundation and Mando’s. The donations make this event so popular and fun and they help bring excitement and so many smiles to our deserving MISD staff. Additionally, we would also like to thank the families that donated $5 or more to the luncheon. Your money assists us in paying for the event and helps to make it a huge success year after year.

With gratitude from the PTO Officers,

Sarah Fellows Martinez, Florcita Zubia, Kelly Ramsey Webb, Cherry Torres, Cherri Aguero and Brenda Bentley



As a parent of two Marfa ISD students, I would like to acknowledge the excellence of a program that has culminated in last Wednesday’s First Annual CTE Awards Banquet.

The Marfa Robotics is the kind of program that can make any average Texas school reach greater success, and it sure is the kind of program our local schools need to strongly support and encourage.

Thanks to Josh Steinberg, to the Hotel St George for hosting the event, to the Marfa Education Foundation for funding the program, but first and foremost thanks to Rob Crowley for teaching our children. He boosts their creative thinking and continuously challenges their problem-solving skills in the most exciting way. It is the contagious enthusiasm and devotion Mr Crowley shares with his students that make the magic happen, so long live the Marfa Robotics!

Valérie Breuvart



To the Editor:

On behalf of all of us at Chinati, I would like to thank everyone who joined us for Community Day on Saturday, April 29. The day began with a presentation at the Crowley Theater of Chinati’s master plan, which offers practical and philosophical guidelines for preserving the museum for decades to come. Following a spirited public discussion of the plan, everyone was invited out to Chinati for open viewing of the collection and a barbecue dinner at the Arena with music by Mariachi Santa Cruz of Presidio, dancing by Marfa ISD’s Ballet Folklorico Atzlan, and a great art exhibition by students from MISD Junior and Senior High School Class. Despite the windy and unseasonably chilly weather, it was a bright and lively evening, and we’re delighted that so many people came out to enjoy it together.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following foundations, businesses, and individuals who made Community Day such a success: Texas Commission on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Brown Foundation, the Hearst Foundations, the Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation, Permian Basin Area Foundation, the Cowles Charitable Trust, the City of Marfa, Big Bend Brewing Company, Big Bend Roasters, Come and Take It BBQ, Crowley Theater, Hotel St. George, Tim Crowley, Rob Crowley, Gory Smelley, and Marfa Hardware Company. A special thank you to our team at Chinati including Abby Boyd, Chris Cole, Jan DeLozier, Tara Guevara, Darby Hillman, Sandra Hinojos, Eddie Lara, Jennifer Lees, Miguel Levya, Joni Marginot, Adele Powers, Michael Roch, Arelí Rocha, Ray Zubiate, and our outstanding docents and exhibition assistants.

Jenny Moore

Director, Chinati Foundation



CineMarfa would like to thank everyone who participated in the 7th annual CineMarfa festival this past weekend.  Our audience, artists, and supporters continue to inspire us with their dedication, creativity, and generosity.

Special thanks go to Christopher Wool, Jeff Elrod, Cory Van Dyke, Rob Weiner, Lindsey Collins, David Beebe, Tim Crowley, Hotel St. George, Nick Terry, Maryam Amiryani, Marfa National Bank, Chip Love, Hotel Paisano, Sabrina Lejeanvre, Joseph Cashiola, Chris Hillen, Gory Smelley, Mary Farley, Mark Scott, Minerva Lopez, Delfin Lopez, the City of Marfa, Robert Arber, Valerie Arber, Virginia Lebermann, Rocky Barnette, Meredith Dreiss, Roseland Klein, Ronnie Johnson, Suzi Gruschkus, Nalu Gruschkus, Ginger Griffice, Steve Rabourn, Anna Carrasco, Travis Walker, Dustin Pevey, and Anett Gabriel.

We’d also like to acknowledge our participating artists and presenters from both near and far: Mark Flood, Justin Lowe, Jonah Freeman, Raquel Cecilia, the Estate of Ana Mendieta, Galerie Lelong, Luke Fowler, LUX, Thomas Beard, Matt Sweeney, Jesper Eklow, Rob Mazurek, Lee Anne Schmitt, Alyce Santoro, Josh Fox, Vic Berger and Super Deluxe, Vanessa Ramos, Max Anderson, Jessica Lutz, Lori Glover, Mark Glover, Roberto Luhan, Darrel Rhyne, Trey Gerfers, Frankie Orona, VJ Mellow Arms aka Jon Coleman, Izaak Hollander, and Travis Walker. Much love and gratitude to you all.  See you next year!


David Hollander and Jennifer Lane

Co-Directors, CineMarfa


I noted that after I spoke, the Mayor stated that what I said was not the reason we were here. The Mayor is wrong. It is exactly why we were there, but maybe not what the Mayor wanted to hear.

Also, Rod Ponton stated there were no cases of child sexual abuse, to the best of my memory, where the Sheriff did not show up. That is a totally false statement, based on the Documents furnished at the meeting by Todd labeled Response to Open Records Request.

Below is a link to a document that I furnished to Todd & JP1 at Tuesday’s afternoon public meeting/comments. It explains, by the attorney general in 1999, that the County Sheriff still has an obligation to patrol the City of Marfa when there is not a City Police Force and there is not a contract between the city and the Sheriff’s Office. Please post this comment and connection to the PDF site or just print the 5 page summary.

In Summary, I am totally against wasting taxpayer funds towards the Sheriff’s Office, especially for a Sheriff that doesn’t personally comply with City of Marfa Ordinances (leash ordinance), threatens the citizens with arrests, fines & jail time for using their 1st amendment right to complain & already has an obligation as the Chief Peace Officer to keep the peace within the whole County of Presidio.


Michael Calvert



It seems the Presidio County Sheriff is still suffering from “machismo” and has established his personal fiefdom and wants to run unchecked while at the same time providing selected and limited enforcement of the laws and ordinances within the Marfa city limits. Not to mention the intimidation factor.
I suggest consideration be given to having the Texas Rangers review the Sheriff’s operation and render a report to Marfa and the State. Also, the City of Marfa should consider withholding future payments to the County until a satisfactory contract is reached through good faith negotiations.
And so it goes!
Richard Long Stone
Austin, Texas



Last week I was having my ‘late’ breakfast at Squeeze Marfa when a Houston tourist launched a nasty and profane attack on the Staff. He was upset because he wanted breakfast and Squeeze stops serving breakfast at 11am and it was past that time. I know his name because he posted his version of the incident on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook but the Owner of Squeeze gave me a copy of the post. There is significant difference between his post and the truth. I was there. The tourist used loud harsh profanity toward the Staff and he gave them the profane ‘Finger’ gesture in parting. I joined the fracas at this point and threatened to call the Sheriff but the tourist ran off. In his Facebook post he says he and his buddy found ‘a dive of a Tex-Mex restaurant’ where they were treated better – but still did not get breakfast. In my strong opinion, we do not need visitors like this in Marfa.

Ken Whitley



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Story filed under: West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight

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