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Sunoco sells to 7-Eleven, but local Stripes safe for now

April 20th, 2017 under Top Stories

(staff photo by NICK WINCHESTER) Marfa’s Stripes gas station.

(staff photo by NICK WINCHESTER)
Marfa’s Stripes gas station.


MARFA — Word on the street is that Marfa’s favorite snack spots, the Stripes convenience stores, may be turned into 7-Eleven stores after the Kelcy Warren-owned Sunoco (SUN) announced the sale of a majority of its U.S. convenience stores.

A Sunoco spokesperson confirmed to the Marfa Big Bend Sentinel that the Marfa and Alpine stores are safe for now. There are Stripes in Marfa on the west and east sides of town, and Alpine has one Stripes. They aren’t included in the initial sale.

The stores that were sold are located in East Texas, Florida and the East Coast.

The West Texas stores are, however, listed in a recent Sunoco investor report as “To Be Sold” along with other remaining units in North Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. These are part of a 200-store block to be sold in a separate process, the company spokesperson said.

The Marfa and Alpine locations were originally Town & Country convenience stores that were sold and became Stripes, which were then purchased by Warren’s Sunoco subsidiary, part of Energy Transfer Partners, the Dallas-based fossil fuel energy concern that built the TransPecos Pipeline from near Coyanosa to the Mexican border near Presidio and another pipeline from Coyanosa to the El Paso Lower Valley farming community of San Elizario that also will connect with a Mexican natural gas pipeline system.

Stripes, in Marfa at least, has gained a cult following with its own tribute page on Facebook. “Stripes Report Marfa” includes humorous reviews, food selections and polls ranking the best lunch offerings.

The deal will see Sunoco continue to provide gas to the 7-Eleven stores.

A company news release said, “Assets being sold to 7-Eleven include approximately 1,110 convenience stores in 19 regions and the associated trademarks and intellectual property of the Laredo Taco Company and Stripes.  As part of the transaction, SUN will enter into a 15-year take-or-pay fuel supply agreement with a 7-Eleven subsidiary under which SUN will supply approximately 2.2 billion gallons of fuel annually.  This supply agreement will have guaranteed annual payments to SUN, provides that 7-Eleven will continue to use the Sunoco brand at currently branded Sunoco stores and includes committed growth in future periods.”

Marfa’s Stripes enthusiasts will have to hold tight to see the where the next Sunoco deal puts them.

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