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Spring Planting Attracts Hummingbirds to West Texas

April 20th, 2017 under Community

FORT DAVIS — The 2017 Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration will take place this summer featuring local homes and businesses with hummingbird viewing sites throughout the town.  This year’s celebration will take place August 24-27, 2017 with many new events and fieldtrips.

The Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce and hummingbird event planners are working diligently to make the 2017 Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration a more spectacular event. “We are inviting local businesses and homes to install an easy garden and hang hummingbird feeders as a display for our visitors to the region,” said Melissa Henderson, Chamber Director.  The Chamber and ornithologist Cecilia Riley have prepared a guide to gardening and feeding hummingbirds for your use in developing a plan.

Hummingbirds are returning to the Davis Mountains and surrounding areas, especially the most common bird, the black-chinned hummingbird. They are returning on their migratory journey to their breeding grounds in Texas and further north. A little later in the spring, you may notice other species such as the broad-tailed hummingbird in your garden.

“These tiny titans bring joy to your life, and are very entertaining to watch,” says birder Madge Lindsay. “Make plans to put in a Spring hummingbird garden this year at your home or business!”

Additionally, the Native Plant Society of the Big Bend is hosting its Native Plant Sale Saturday, April 22 in the space behind Chambers Realty at N. 8th street and Ave. E in Alpine.

“Native plant blooms produce nectar that feed hummingbirds and also draws in insects as a food source,” says birder Madge Lindsay.  “This along with bushes and trees helps draw them into the yard, in addition to maintaining a well-kept feeder or two.”

Hummingbird feeding and gardening guides are available at the Chamber of Commerce office at Memorial Square in Fort Davis. Featured “Hummingbird Viewing Site” homes and businesses will be featured during the Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration in August.

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