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by jdgarcia | April 20th, 2017 under Big Bend Blog » Big Bend Blog Highlight

Calling all military veterans in Far West Texas


A host of services will be offered to Far West Texas military veterans on Monday 24 April in Alpine and Tuesday 25 April in Terlingua.

What will be offered?

TVC counselors will be able assist in submitting claims.

Medical personnel will be available to check blood pressure, sugar levels, etc.

Lawyers will be able to offer will, living wills, etc. as needed by Veterans.

Some services will be free and others, wills, for instance, will be offered at a nominal fee to be determined on complexity of document.

Crisis Center will be able to offer counseling on an individual basis in the area by shuffle table area.

Veteran Service officers will be available to help find programs that Veterans may need and not be aware of.

TVC Health Care advocates will be available to help with doctor appointments, healthcare related testing and/or lab testing, pharmacy assistance, attaining outside referrals for health related issues, VA health care related billing, “Fee Basis” referrals such as outside referrals for health care services that the VA does not perform at VA facilities.

The Texas Veterans Land Board will let you know about their programs.

There will be a representative to explain education opportunities.

Various local groups will explain serves they offer.


To make contact with military Veterans in Brewster, Presidio, and Jeff Davis counties.

Agencies and individuals involved

VSOs in Brewster, Presido, and Jeff Davis counties, Big Bend Health (Diane, Director), Texas Veterans Commission ( Mike Jaeger, Claims), local lawyers ( Robert Steele), Sul Ross State University, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Crisis Center of the Big Bend, Texas Veterans Land Board, Texas Veterans Commission, (Megan Tamez, Medical), the Sunshine House, Midland Vet Center, Taylor County Mobile Vet Center, Women Veterans Outreach, Big Bend Community Action Committee.

Documentation needed

Veterans need to bring DD214s (discharge paper), anything they have received from VA, and Choice Medical card.

Instructions for attendees

All Far West Texas Veterans are invited on 24 April in Alpine and 25 April in Terlingua.

On 24 April, Veterans from Alpine, Fort Davis, Marathon and Marfa areas can come to the American Legion in Alpine. We will open for business from 0800-1600 hrs. Veterans may enter through side door on 8th Street, will be meet at door by Legionnaire who will gather information on Veteran to determine any special needs. Will be directed into Legion to talk to Counselors. Legion will be open until 10pm. Can meet with attendees if desired.

The Auxiliary will be selling sandwich lunch, water, coffee, sodas and ice tea for 24 April from kitchen at Alpine Legion.

On 25 April, we will move to Brewster County Emergency Response Center / fire station / ERC to service veterans from Terlingua and Presidio.

The same services offered in Alpine will be offered in Terlingua. Veterans will enter from street side of ERC and be meet by a Legionnaire. Needs will be ascertained and veteran will be sent meet with whomever they need to see. Will be open from 0900 to 16:00.

In Terlingua they will have coffee and rolls for breakfast and same lunch.


Harlan Hardy is the Presidio County Veterans Service Officer. Contact him at (432) 729-9787, (210) 487-9821, or Brewster County VSO Dennis Yancy may be contacted at 432.837.6219.

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