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Marijuana backpackers caught near Marfa

April 13th, 2017 under Top Stories

MARFA – Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Marfa Station began the month of April by seizing 430 pounds of marijuana, valued at $344,775, and apprehending seven illegal immigrants from Mexico in two cases.

On Monday, agents arrested four undocumented Mexican Nationals approximately nine miles northeast of Candelaria after tracking them for several miles. The men were attempting to smuggle 286 pounds of marijuana into the United States in burlap backpacks.  The estimated street value of the marijuana was $228,582.

On Wednesday, agents working six miles northeast of Ruidosa, Texas, tracked and arrested three undocumented Mexican Nationals, each carrying a marijuana backpack. A total of 145 pounds of marijuana was seized, valued at $116,194.

The practice of marijuana smuggling by means of backpacks along the 510-mile expanse of Big Bend Sector is typically attempted by male couriers who carry homemade packs weighing approximately 50 pounds.  It’s not unusual for these types of “mules” to carry these packs more than 20 miles in an attempt to reach a pre-arranged delivery destination.

The United States Border Patrol utilizes a combination of information, assets, technology and skillfully trained agents to disrupt and degrade trans-national criminal organizations responsible for smuggling activity along our nation’s borders.

In these most recent cases of marijuana smuggling, those responsible and the contraband they were transporting were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) office in Alpine for further investigation and prosecution.

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