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Marfa Studio of Arts to hold Summer Shake-Up program

April 6th, 2017 under Arts » Education

MARFA — For over 17 years the Marfa Studio of Arts has been a strong and consistent provider of quality art education for Marfa, Texas.

In 2005, the MSA launched the Studio in the Elementary School (SITES), a program that offers a free year-round art classes to the children of Marfa to this day.
In January, the MSA Board of Directors elected a new slate of officers and with the current members they are dedicated to supporting the mission and expanding the offerings of the organization.

The new officers for 2017 are Wendy Lynn Wright, President, Elizabeth Redding, Vice-President, Christa Brothers, Treasurer and Malinda Beeman (Founder of MSA) as Secretary. Janie DeGuerin has recently rejoined the board with Vicente Celis and Rachel Rember continuing as members of the Board.

This Board of Directors has just launched a campaign to fully fund the 3rd year of MSA’s participation in the Summer Shake Up Program at the Marfa Independent School District.

The “Summer Shake-Up” program in the Marfa Schools brings local organizations into the school during the summer time to develop high energy “camps” that focus on fun and engaging topics.

The MSA will offer 5 weeks of “Art Camp” to different grade levels from May 30 – June 29.
This year the Marfa Studio of Arts will give the kids a special experience with two exciting workshops.

Callie Meeks and Katy Edwards will present a “Collage Workshop” that will be an intensive dive in to the world of collage.

The kids will be doing their own collages but will also have supportive art historical presentations. Later in the workshop the kids will learn to do some simple animation and even try to make a film.

The other workshop will be led by Rae Anna Hample and Stephanie Mei Huang. This is going to be an amazing experience with the goal of creating wonderful storybook murals. Using characters from their favorite storybooks, the students will develop line drawings that will be projected onto a wall in the schoolyard or in the building.

The   kids    will     then fill the images with vibrant colors to bring the murals to life.
The Marfa Studio of Arts needs your help to fund these great workshops and bring an unforgettable summer experience to Marfa children. To donate to help support this amazing project go to or you can send a check to Marfa Studio of Arts, P.O. Box 1189, Marfa, Texas 79843 . Please put a memo on the donation to support the Summer Shake Up Program. The Marfa Studio of Arts is a 501 (3)C non-profit organization with donations being tax deductible.

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