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From three year grad to university honors graduate

April 20th, 2017 under Community
Maria Teresa Espinoza-Girolamo

Maria Teresa Espinoza-Girolamo

Maria Teresa ‘Terri’ Espinoza- Girolamo achieves another milestone next month, as the former, 1999 Marfa High School three year graduate, officially graduates with honors after having completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration at the University of Phoenix-online with a 3.87 GPA, back on October 24, 2016. The graduation ceremony is to be held at the Hilton hotel in Manhattan, KS on Thursday May 25, 2017, under the direction of the Fort Riley, Education Center, where the graduate’s husband is currently stationed.

The minimum requirement to attain honor grad status at the University of Phoenix is a 3.86.

“This is truly a dream come true for me,” Espinoza-Girolamo said, who currently lives in Kansas with her husband.

And indeed it is, and as those who know her well can attest, life for the former Marfa native has been wrought with obstacles and insurmountable challenges from day one. But through it all, she has never lost sight of her faith, her dreams or where she came from.

She had dreamed of graduating with honors all her life, and it wasn’t until now, after plenty of hard work and dedication, that her dream came true, at the most pivotal moment; when it mattered most, upon graduating from college with her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice; something which was by no means an easy feat to accomplish.

“I credit all that I have, all that I am and everything I am yet to become, to God, because without him I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Espinoza-Girolamo acknowledged. “I also credit my successes to the love and support of my family and particularly my mom, who instilled in me a desire to study and work hard from the very beginning. She was the one who pushed me to never settle for the bare minimum. She wanted to see me become somebody one day.”

But the hard work ethic instilled in Espinoza-Girolamo has not been for naught, as currently the soon-to-be graduate has also been studying harder than she’s ever done before in preparation for her LSAT (law school admissions test,) scheduled for June.

After her “official graduation,” and with the grace of God, the graduate plans to continue her education by applying to and attending law school at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, in the fall, where she hopes to use her law degree to become a voice and an advocate for special victims and victims of domestic violence.

Espinoza-Girolamo is the daughter of long time Marfa resident Guadalupe Espinosa, the niece of Carmen Espinosa and the only granddaughter of the late Socorro and Elida Espinosa.

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