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Ferguson: Presidio can keep growing if we work together

April 20th, 2017 under Community
Current Presidio mayor John Ferguson

Current Presidio mayor John Ferguson

My name is John Ferguson and I am asking for your vote for mayor for the City of Presidio.  I have served two terms as mayor, and during that time the biggest accomplishments were not I did, but rather what we all did—together!

Everyone in Presidio has something “they can bring to the table” to make our community better, whether it be fixing a water line in a muddy trench in the middle of the night, to volunteer coaching our kids, to spending every workday trimming the weeds and beautifying our city streets.  In my 30 years in Presidio, I have seen us raise our expectations for our local schools, and now they are some of the best to be found anywhere.   Former residents who are now career professionals, former residents who decided to come back as professionals, as well as new residents are contributing their talents in ways that help our community on practically a daily basis.

What have we all done together?

-Re-opened livestock inspections for local cattle buyers

-Established recycling of plastic, paper and cardboard

-Hosted Little League Baseball championships

-Constructed a solar-powered waste water treatment plant

-Created a bird sanctuary

-International bridge expansion, with no local expense

-International railroad bridge re-construction

-Creation of the Presidio International Port Authority

-New city ambulance

-Planned, extensive waterworks upgrades

It is exciting to live in a place where so many have our community’s well-being, first and foremost.  Many times over the past few years we have faced serious problems, some persisting over weeks and months.  Once again, though, with the input of elected officials, city employees, citizens, as well as our allies in state and federal government, we made it through, and usually stronger!  Now Presidio faces the prospect of greatly increased international traffic and trade.  How the city manages and governs this growth will be critical in preserving our outstanding quality of life we enjoy here.

Please exercise your right to vote!  We are blessed with many excellent candidates seeking office in school and city elections.  Presidio is in good hands!  Now is our time!

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