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April 20th, 2017 under West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight


I would like to express my thanks to everyone who participated in Candidate Night at the USO on Tuesday. I’m glad so many neighbors (120!) came out to learn about the candidates and the issues that face our community and school.

Thanks to Robert Halpern and Trey Gerfers for asking me to help organize, and for all their work pulling this together. Thanks to all of you who submitted questions for our mayoral Q&A. Thanks to the City and staff of the Marfa Visitor Center for the use of the venue, to Gory Smelley for providing the sound system, and our generous volunteers who helped set up and put away. And mostly, I’m grateful to the candidates who want to use their talents and dedication to make Marfa an even better place to live and raise a family.

I would also like to thank Mayor Dan Dunlap and Councilmember Peter Stanley, who are both resigning their seats, for your service to Marfa.

Lastly, I will make one more plea for people to vote. And after you vote, regardless of the outcome, I hope we can all commit to attending meetings, learning the issues, and staying involved. I truly believe that civic engagement is the key to all good things.

Thank you,

Gretel Enck

Marfa Citizen



I read the front-page article in the April 13 issue of the BBS and it seems the county sheriff is again at the center of a controversy. The previous issue, as I remember, centered on the High Sheriff wanting to run amok without any oversight.

This time he wants to dictate who he can negotiate the law enforcement contract with. I don’t fully understand the situation, but it seems there is a lot of “machismo” involved, and the sheriff needs to chill out and be replaced by a representative in the negotiations.

My two cents!


Richard Long Stone




Sexual harassment of local service employees and customers is on the rise.

Women in the workplace or in public spaces should not be subject to suggestive, lewd comments. Touching women employees or customers without their consent is never appropriate!

Sexual harassment has happened to my women friends and some of my relatives.

If you can’t conduct yourself appropriately in public: stay home!

Working in the service industry takes a special type of person. Don’t make their jobs more difficult.

A large tip or donation, does not absolve offenders of their guilt.


A Concerned Citizen

James B. Webb




America has been at war 222 of the 241 years since 1776 — or 92% of the time.

Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Indian Wars, Mexican American War, Civil War, Spanish American War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan.

And in his very short time as President, Trump has bombed Syria and Afghanistan. And as a result, tensions continue to mount with North Korea.

I’ve long had enough of war. But if I had to choose another, I would prefer a ‘Civil War’ between the Divided States of America – figuratively speaking of course.

Ken Whitley




Corn has been cultivated in Mexico for 9,000 years. Mexico is also the number one market for American corn exports.

Legislation has been proposed in Mexico to boycott U.S. corn in reaction to the Trump administration’s stance on trade with Mexico, including the threat to withdraw the U.S. from NAFTA.

Mexico Deputy Economy Minister Juan Carlos Baker told the Financial Times that negotiations are underway with Argentina and Brazil to offer them duty-free access to the Mexican market now enjoyed by the U.S. growers under the terms of the North American Free Trade agreement.

As a candidate, Trump called NAFTA the worst trade deal ever signed in this country.

When you have such a bully in Washington, I need to say this very loud and clear. Mexico is a serious player. Mexico has been a friend but it can stop collaborating.

Trump had best give Mexico the time of the day, if they want to have Mexico buying $2.6 billion of corn each and every year. If Trump’s behavior causes Mexico to buy their corn from other countries, it could mean big losses for our corn growers and cost Trump the next election.

Thank you,

Joyce Wright



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