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Which Way the Wind Blows, an exhibition of new work by Malinda Beeman

March 9th, 2017 under Arts

MARFA – On Thursday, March 9, from 6–8:30pm, artist Malinda Beeman will open a studio exhibition at the Lumberyard. “Which Way the Wind Blows” is recent work that derives from her interest in the native grasses in the area. Strong color and abstraction of the grasses show a vibrant world around us.

Malinda is also the co-owner and cheese maker for Marfa Maid Dairy. These works come from a close and everyday relationship with the animals and their natural environment. This work was done in the studio in the Lumberyard during the off season of the dairy.

Also included in the exhibition are ceramic sculptures in an installation. The pieces are of the farm animals and the local animals of the area.

The exhibition will be available for view during the opening evening and March 10, 11 and 12 from 11am-3pm or by appointment.

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