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Pipeline protester, wife of alleged fugitive arrested

March 9th, 2017 under Top Stories
Jacalyn Hagans

Jacalyn Hagans

PRESIDIO COUNTY — Anti-pipeline activist Jacalyn Hagans was arrested Wednesday by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office. Hagans is the wife of anti-pipeline activist and alleged fugitive Pete Hefflin, who the sheriff’s office arrested in February. Hagans is charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution.

Hagans was booked into the Presidio County Jail on Wednesday, March 8, and charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution. The charge is a third degree felony under the Texas Penal Code. Hagans is married to Pete Hefflin, who was arrested by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office on Feb. 26 for tampering with government records. The sheriff’s office alleged Hefflin, whose real name is Pedro Gutierrez, is wanted in California for parole violations. Hefflin, according to the sheriff’s office, has provided false identification information to local law enforcement.

Hagans’ hindering apprehension or prosecution charge is essentially an allegation of harboring and assisting a fugitive. The penal code defines the offense as harboring or concealing an individual wanted for arrest; providing or aiding in providing another with any means of avoiding arrest or effecting escape; or warning another of impending discovery or apprehension.

Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez declined requests to go into details of the arrest.

“Her only crime was to be a strong, amazing woman who loved her husband so much that she was able to turn his life around so that he was never convicted of a crime in Texas and showed her more love than many woman receive,” Lori Glover, an organizer with the Big Bend Defense Coalition and friend of Hagans, told the Sentinel.

Hagans and Hefflin were members of the Society of Native Nations before they both resigned in March after Hefflin’s arrest. The two were staying at the Two Rivers Camp in Casa Piedra and participating in the Native American-led opposition to the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. Hagans was previously arrested by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office in early January after locking herself with Alpine-resident Mark Glover to a construction machine on the Trans-Pecos Pipeline’s construction site and blocking construction work. Hagans was charged with criminal trespassing.

As a third degree felony, the hindering apprehension or prosecution offense carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.



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