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Parking committee eyes downtown changes

March 9th, 2017 under Top Stories


MARFA – The City of Marfa Parking Committee met Monday evening to delve into parking issues surrounding the commercial areas of the city, most notably, North Highland Avenue.

The committee, member Villis Inde said, is currently determining which streets would benefit from changing parking structure as the city’s tourism industry continues to boom.

According to Inde, the committee is working on recommendations to change some blocks’ parallel parking to angle parking and vice versa.

The committee is also considering the addition of more handicapped parking spaces in the downtown area and is currently in discussion with the Texas Department of Transportation, which is responsible for ordinances and parking changes on Texas highways, of which North Highland Avenue belongs.

The committee, he said, has identified several possible spaces for handicapped parking, which will benefit both locals and tourists around the city’s downtown hotels.

The committee has also identified an issue regarding parking at the post office on North Highland Avenue.

Vehicles at the post office, he said, are often parked in one of the spaces for long periods of time, clogging up the parking lot for post office customers.

The committee will consider a recommendation to the city to limit the time a vehicle can be parked at the post office to 10-15 minutes.

“Anyone can have their car parked there as long as they want right now,” he said. “The idea is to keep traffic flowing in and out to make sure post office customers have easier access to the building.”

The parking committee is expecting to make the recommendations to Marfa City Council in the near future, though there is no time frame currently set.

Changes to parking, Inde stressed, will not be made in residential neighborhoods.

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