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Lori Griffin happening in Terlingua

March 16th, 2017 under Arts

TERLINGUA – Story painting, art show at Earth and Fire Gallery in Terlingua features artist Lori Griffin. It’s free and open to the public March 15-31.

Griffin is often asked is there a story for every art piece made. Her reply is yes and that the inspiration is often quite personal.  One of her signatures are hidden images that await to be discovered.

“It is very meaningful when the viewer has an emotional reaction with the art,” she said.

Lori tries to push limits: either the topic,  the medium itself, her experience, or the process. This creates challenge and does not allow her to become comfortable and this in turn helps create strong soulful art.  She is always willing to share the inspiration behind the piece to allow a connection with anyone who might be interested in collecting her art.

The art stories range from sacred to fairytales, often include both fact and fiction.

Want a private showing or have questions – 432-301-9663.


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