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Fabian’s bond reduced

March 16th, 2017 under Top Stories

Robert Fabian

ALPINE – Alpine resident Robert Fabian, who is currently being held by the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly “tampering and concealing” the corpse of girlfriend Zuzu Verk, had his $500,000 bond reduced to $175,000 last Friday in a district court hearing.

Fabian and friend Chris Estrada were both arrested on the charge in February after a U.S. Border Patrol agent discovered Verk’s remains while on patrol in the Sunny Glen area of Alpine.

A plastic painter’s sheet in which Verk’s remains were buried in a shallow grave led investigators to issue arrest warrants for the two men, who were videotaped purchasing similar material at the Alpine Dollar General at the time of Verk’s disappearance.

“I thought the bond was unreasonably high for someone who had never been in trouble before and has no intention of running or avoiding the case,” Fabian’s attorney Harold Danford told the Marfa Big Bend Sentinel on Wednesday.

Despite the bond reduction, Fabian remained behind bars.

Though Fabian, who was listed as the main suspect in Verk’s disappearance in October, has had his bond reduced, Estrada’s bond remains at $500,000.

Estrada is currently being held at the Presidio County Jail and is represented by attorney Jim Darnell of El Paso.

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