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March 9th, 2017 under West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight


Your community is very fortunate in having an exceptional hospital in the Big Bend Regional Medical Center in Alpine.

Three weeks ago, while my husband and I were planning to spend a long weekend in Marfa, the very afternoon we arrived I was taken by ambulance from the St. George Hotel to the hospital in Alpine. Two months earlier, when I needed a lumbar fusion, I chose to leave our home in Beaumont to have that surgery at the Mass General Hospital in Boston, often cited as the #1 hospital in the U.S. Having many years’ experience with various medical facilities in Boston, New York, and Houston, I was traumatized at the thought of surgery in a 25-bed hospital in West Texas.

My fears were unfounded. I am writing to tell your readers of the comparable high level of care I received at Big Bend and to thank the wonderful people who gave me as much kind attention, skill, and overall excellent care as I could have received anywhere. Your hospital had the same high level of technical and diagnostic equipment used at the Mass General.

Those I particularly would like to thank are Jesse Peña, the Marfa Emergency Services first responder caregiver, was reassuring and technically skilled as he cared for me on the way to Alpine; the ER doctor, Kyle McCombs, and nurse, Margaret Cartwright; Dr. Raphael Escovar, who cared for me for the two weeks I was an inpatient with great instincts and an inordinate amount of his time; the exceptional RN, Jessica Brauch, and my night nurse, Carol Fernandez, who were available, caring, and knowledgeable; and the particularly cheery and helpful Louis Kennedy. I was fortunate to have as my surgeon Dr. N. Umoh, a board certified in colorectal surgery from Houston who was in Alpine for a two-week interim assignment.

I believe that the beautiful and magical Big Bend area attracts intelligent and well-trained medical personnel who chose to live and work there. Needless to say, I am doing well and full of gratitude and ready for a return trip under better circumstances.

Barrie Bradley

Beaumont, Texas

Story filed under: West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight

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