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Presidio elections are races after all

February 23rd, 2017 under Top Stories

PRESIDIO — After a handful of candidates filed last-minute applications for candidacy in Presidio’s May general election, the races for mayor and city council will be contested after all.

Terms are expiring for current Presidio city council members Isela Nuñez, Edgar Sotelo and Dimitri Garcia as well as Presidio Mayor John Ferguson.

The month-long window for filing an application to run in the City of Presidio general election closed on Friday, Feb. 17 at 5pm. Before Friday, the only the people who had filed to run were current Mayor Ferguson and council member Nuñez, both seeking re-election.

As of Friday, both candidates are now facing challengers. Mayor Ferguson will vie for re-election against current city council member Dimitri Garcia.

Council member Nuñez, who earlier this year was appointed to the board of directors for the Presidio Municipal Development District, is running for one of two full-term city council seats. Also running are Ruben Armendariz Jr. and Victor Hugo Hernandez. The three candidates will appear on the same ballot item, and the two with the most votes will win seats on the council. Current council member Edgar Sotelo is not seeking re-election.

There is also a contested race for the council seat that will only serve one year to make up for an unexpired term. Silverio Escontrias, Samuel Brito Carrasco and Elida C. Martinez are competing for this council seat.

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