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Marfa election worker roster set, 4 seek two seats on council, 3 running for mayor, so far

February 16th, 2017 under Top Stories

Candidate filing deadline Friday

MARFA – The City of Marfa has locked down its election workers for the May 6 city elections after long-time election judge Rosie Garcia announced she would be unable to perform the duties.

According to city administrator Jim Mustard, Presidio County employee Florcita Zubia will be handling the elections on Election Day with Ramona Zubiate taking care of early voting.

Though Zubia’s involvement with the election was uncertain at a recent Marfa City Council meeting, misunderstandings led to her temporarily dropping out completely. She did, however, say she would definitely be on hand on May 6.

“I’ll definitely be the election judge on election day,” she said. “If I’m needed – if anyone has any questions – I’ll be around to answer them. That will be the extent of my help up to Election Day.”

An apparent shortage of election workers prompted reports that Marfa Mayor Dan Dunlap’s wife, Ann Dunlap, had been tapped to serve as election judge are apparently unfounded, although she was asked by Mustard to assist in early voting before the election roster was rounded out.

“[Mrs. Dunlap] had been asked to do early voting and we might need her, but currently she is not involved,” Mustard said.

The Marfa Big Bend Sentinel contacted Mayor Dunlap by email this week to get his take on the matter, and he replied with a single sentence: “Ann is not working the May City election.”

The city, Mustard also said, will be once again using voting machines owned by Presidio County, which is expected to be the obsolete machines’ final use as the county will be using the existing machines to qualify for a discount on new, more secure machines.

Marfa’s municipal election is seeing the highest volume of candidates seeking office as Mayor Dunlap isn’t seek re-election, opening his seat for the first time in 10 years.

Current mayoral candidates are artist and educator Ann Marie Nafziger, current city council member Genevieve Bassham, and local accountant Lineaus Hooper Lorette.

Candidates vying for two city council seats are incumbent Josie Simpson, Pizza Foundation owner Saarin Keck, retired mechanic and educator Brit Webb, and retired Presidio County Appraisal District chief appraiser Irma Salgado.

City council member Peter Stanley, husband of mayoral candidate Nafziger, isn’t seeking re-election.

The filing window for the May elections will end tomorrow, Friday, February 17 at 5pm. Candidate applications are available at City Hall.

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