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February 23rd, 2017 under West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight


For the past several years Project Graduation, an all-night, alcohol/drug-free party exclusively for graduating seniors, has been organized traditionally by parents/guardians of Marfa High School seniors, with participation and support from the surrounding community. Our goal is to provide an evening of fun and safety on graduation night. The event is always a huge success. Almost 90 percent of the senior class attends. We are planning a night featuring entertainment, a DJ, games, movies, swimming, basketball and much more. In addition, food is served and door prizes are awarded. Senior parents will be chaperoning the celebration knowing that their young adults are safely enjoying themselves.

Each year the community successfully raises money to provide each participating senior with money and other necessities to begin their lives after high school.

Your contribution/donation would help make the 2017 Project Graduation party a success and will be greatly appreciated.

Project Graduation is one of many traditions that make our community special. Please help us continue the tradition for our youth with your donation. You will not only help us make this a memorable event for our seniors but also a tax deduction in return.

You may send your donation to:

Marfa Project Graduation 2017

c/o Anna Saenz

PO Box 1150

Marfa, TX 79843

If you need your donation to be picked up, please feel free to contact me at 432-295-0594 or email me at

Thanking you in advance for your support.


Anna Saenz

for the Proud Parents of Project Graduation 2017




We had a large, lively crowd at the Alpine Public Library fundraiser on Valentine’s Day for the Chocolate, Wine & Coffee: A Love Story tasting/pairing event.

Many thanks to the fun group of participants and to these awesome supporters: Dana Jones (photography); Reata Restaurant, Century Bar & Grill, and La Tratt Restaurant (gift certificates); Clemencia Bakker (live music sponsor); Steve Nuernberger (lavish desserts for auction); Front Street Books (donation for auction); and all the other helpers and Friends of the Alpine Public Library.

John & Donna Ehrke

Fundraiser Coordinators




How dare that the United States of America expects Texas to give up access for cattle, irrigation, wildlife and or recreational use of the Rio Grande. Building a WALL down that border would cut Texans off from a much-needed water source.  And landowners will give up use of a lot of land (that they pay taxes on) in order to build the WALL out of the flood plain.

Name one WALL throughout the history of humankind that worked for more than a very short period of time.  Even WALLS where people were shot at (is this where we are headed?) for trying to cross, were breached regularly.  Saying a WALL will cut off 99.9% of all traffic is a bold face lie, Mr. President (the Emperor has no clothes)!

And what about the Canadian border? Talk about porous, 1 in 36 people in Canada are Muslims, over 1 million.  You cannot say that about Mexico.  Isn’t it truly a case of “Mexiphobia”?

Don’t people realize Mexico won’t pay for this, we the consumer will pay for the construction, whether it’s higher priced food (tomatoes, avocados, etc.), or cars, or whatever, the added tax will be passed on to we the people, the majority of whom don’t wish to see this WALL to begin with.

The billions of wasted dollars (not pesos) spent on a “Band-Aid” for the problem, could and should be spent on education, on all levels and on both sides of the border.

Congress needs to step up and pass a comprehensive work program for much needed laborers, and safe passage from country to country.

The bottom line is that the terrorist acts that have taken place here in America have been caused by people in our country legally or where folks from right here in the USA.  Now balance that with the cost of the WALL.

Remember, those Saudia Arabians on 9/11 flew out of Boston, not San Antonio or El Paso. Let’s stop this madness!

Please contact your elected officials and make your voice heard.  For an area that relies on tourism, this eyesore will hurt business, affecting everyone.

A concerned Big Bend resident for over 30 years,

Pam Ware




To my neighbors (in many ways I experience everyone as my neighbor),

I don’t always remember this, but when I do, it feels so true. “Winning” may feel better than “losing,” but working together feels even better than winning.

Let’s explore that together.

Pam Gaddis




We are about to find out if the 447 voting members of the Democratic National Committee learned anything from the last election or if they are still stupid. Yes, stupid.

As I see it we (the country) voted for change – real change, not just the other party in office – in 2008 and didn’t get it.  We did get a competent president who managed to do a few really good things despite Republican obstruction, but still an establishment (corporate/Wall Street) Democrat. Last year the Republican voters also wanted change and they got Trump, who I doubt is what they expected, but what they wanted. Dems still wanted real change but they got Hillary instead. So now the Dems will decide if they want a Clinton/Obama establishment chairman of the DNC to try to reverse the 900 seats lost in state legislatures the past eight years or the progressive candidate backed by Bernie, Elizabeth and Chuck Schumer.

To have an informed opinion the following two articles state my position far better than I could. I urge you to study the points made in both articles. The first is the title of a piece last April noting the differences between today’s corporate Democratic platform and the traditional pre-Bill Clinton beliefs. The second is a quote from UT-Austin Professor James K. Galbraith from a 2002 article in the Texas Observer.

“There Is a Moderate Republican in This Race, But She’s Running as a Democrat.”  See:

“Nowadays there are three classes in America: working people at the bottom, professionals above them, a tiny elite at the top. Democrats represent the professionals, Republicans represent the CEOs. No one, much, speaks for working people, who must rely on the occasional sympathy of leading Democrats for most of the little they get.”  See:

Clearly the Clinton/Obama Democrats have virtually abandoned their base, the working people, which most of us are. You decide who you want to be the future of the Party.  Midterm elections are sooner than you think.

Two final notes (I can’t help it):  If you want to stop hearing fake news stop listening to Trump, Spicer, Conway and Miller. And, I’m glad Trump got the swamp drained; only now all that toxic sludge is in the cabinet room of the White House. Rest assured all the Republican senators will be held accountable for that disaster.

Fred Gossien




This past Saturday, a friend and I were standing inside the Post Office chatting and looking out the window when a huge extended length 54-wheeler (!?) truck went by hauling a huge tracker led by a Presidio County Sheriff’s Deputy with lights a’blazing. After the huge truck cleared downtown the vehicular traffic resumed at noticeably uncomfortable speeds.

And of the six parking spaces in front of the Post Office, three were taken by locked and empty cars parked for reasons other than checking the mail. It was Saturday, and the Post Office was closed, and my friend and I were the only persons in the Post Office.

We concluded that the new City Administration would do well to enact three things: one, prohibit such trucks from coming down through town on Highland Avenue between San Antonio and Lincoln Streets; two, designate parking in front of the Post Office exclusively for Post Office patrons; and three, designate and post speed limits for Highland Avenue at no greater than 15mph.

Frankly, I would like to hear from those City Administration candidates about their position on these issues (and potholes) as a prelude to the elections.

Ken Whitley




There is an international movement by concerned Christian women asking us to join them to prayerfully support peace in our Nation.

Women Aglow International is offering us a venue through which to express this support. Between now and March 14th, thousands of people will be sending post cards to the White House with prayerful thoughts on them, such as:

Mr. President, we are praying for you and our National leaders.

If you feel so inclined, please send your postcards to:


1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20500

“United We Stand, divided we fall.”

Let us restore peace to our country through prayer, by strengthening the bonds of unconditional love.


Fort Davis



Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution states that the federal government shall protect the States against invasion. Texas is being overrun by drug cartels and illegal aliens from all over the world resulting in colonization by this invasion. This colonization changes our ethnic demographics, increases crime, creates language barriers, severely erodes the social infrastructure, and downgrades our culture. US government violation of constitutional guarantees to the States is treason. It is a federal border, not a state border, and it is double taxation to expend state funds for border protection. Texans are paying heavily for border protection when it is a federal responsibility.

Law enforcement and equipment throughout the state are deployed to the border. They are not empowered to detain illegal aliens, as they can only “refer” them to the Border Patrol. A severe burden is being placed on cities and counties. Crime is going up, highway fatalities are increasing and a general breakdown in law and order is proliferating.

State border enforcement is approaching more than one billion dollars causing the budget great distress. Infrastructure is collapsing, road and bridges, education and health care all need additional funding. This crisis is attributed to the outright cowardice of state and federal politicians representing Texas. They should all meet with the President immediately and demand that he do whatever it takes, by whatever means necessary, to protect the border and Texas. They should do their job or get out! Texas is no place for corrupt and cowardly politicians.

Jim Gray

Henderson, Texas


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