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December 8th, 2016 under West Texas Talk » West Texas Talk Highlight



On November 10, 2016, I submitted an open records request to the City of Marfa in order to obtain a copy of the Asphalt Pavement Maintenance plan for the City of Marfa. In a letter dated November 22, 2016 from the City of Marfa, there is no such plan or document. Is anyone surprised that the City of Marfa does not have an Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Plan?

In the online world that we live, it is so easy to find out that the City of Marfa should have an Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Plan. An adequate plan would list every street in Marfa, the state of the asphalt pavement for each street and the maintenance schedule by street both to preserve the asphalt on the street and to bring the street up to acceptable standards.

But after 10 years the do-nothing management of the Dunlap-Mustard click has characteristically done nothing to develop an Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Plan for the City of Marfa. In the fiscal year ending in September 20,2014, the Dunlap-Mustard click did push through a one-million dollar load to do something about the streets in Marfa.

No one outside of the Dunlap-Mustard click knows how that amount was determined and as anyone can see from the current events at the city council, the Dunlap-Mustard click still does not know what should be done with what remains of the one million dollars which sits in the City’s bank account while Marfans drive on streets populated with potholes and cracks. Marfans, cracks soon become potholes unless an active maintenance plan exists to prevent the further deterioration. This fact is the nature of asphalt.

It’s the blind leading the blind. Marfans don’t know how to fix the streets and neither does the Dunlap-Mustard click. If not Dunlap-Mustard, who? The truth is that the Dunlap-Mustard click are short timers so nothing is going to get done untily the City of Marfa has new leadership and when the mesquite blooms, winter is over.

Love and Light,

Lineaus Hooper Lorette

Marfa and Fort Davis




“December 7th, 1941 a date that will live in infamy.”  These words spoken by our President were words that changed the world. I was only a year old at the time so I don’t remember anything about it, but my Dad told me a lot after he returned.  Dad enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps in 1942 and made two of the famous landings that the 1st Marines from Texas made, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.  After being wounded on Okinawa, he was sent to China to serve as POW guard duty for the captured Japanese.  It was there, as he told me, that he took a ceremonial sword from Japanese officer and sent it home. I still have the relic.

We lived on East 1st Street in east Austin with my grandparents, my Mom, and my Aunt Esther, all in one house with only one bathroom, this much I do remember. The military convoys traveling on that road from wherever to wherever were in constant motion each with M.P.’s front and back.  At that age all I knew is that they were soldiers and I needed to salute them.  So I would stand by the curb as they passed and do my best impersonation of a military salute.  Dad started sending home some K-rations and in them were usually a three pack of Camel or Lucky Strike cigarettes and I would toss them to the troops as they passed.  This is my best remembrance of World War II.

When Dad got home and his two brothers made it back there was a family reunion.  Many families never got to have this type of reunion.

Pride in America was rampart in that time and strong feelings of patriotism stood out best of all.

In 2000 we had a Japanese foreign exchange student come live with us while we were in Marfa.  Yukiko Abe was a young girl of 16 and she fit in really well at Marfa High School.  She was quiet, she was very pretty, and she was Japanese.  I had spent time in Japan and she helped me re-learn what Japanese language I had.  By the time she had to go home we could almost converse in Japanese, just not quite.  She is married now and she and her husband have and restaurant in Kobe, Japan.  We still stay in touch and write to each other and send gifts.

I don’t think my Dad ever like her but she sure liked him.  When Dad passed away Yukiko cried for days and showed she really loved him as her grandfather.   She even got married in the senior prom dress that Eileen made for her while she was with us.

This is the 75th year after that day in infamy and I think we should all stand for our flag and a moment of silence for the men and women that served our military in that dreaded time.  Our nation was really on the brink of destruction, but most of us never realized it.

To the men and women of the second world war, I salute you now and always will try to pay tribute to you and the way of life you saved for us.

Jim Kitchens


Mr. Kitchens is a retired Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game warden who was stationed in Marfa and Presidio County. – the editor.



To members of the Electoral College:

Please protect our democratic process by casting your presidential electoral vote for the winner of the national popular vote, Hillary Clinton.

The United States is the only democracy that elects the leader of all the people, the President, through a mechanism such as the Electoral College.  While the Electoral College itself is in the US Constitution, how states allocate electoral votes and how individual electors vote is not.  This places great responsibility on electors like you to fulfill the purposes of this election process.

The main purpose of our presidential election process is to select a person of high qualifications and to prevent the selection of a person lacking in knowledge or personal and professional integrity.  The President also should not have foreign entanglements and foreign governments should not influence our political discourse.  And it’s not just about the person – in selecting their President the people express their will regarding the actions they want that person to take.

Votes are still being counted, but we know that Hillary Clinton received at least 2.5 million more votes nationwide than Donald Trump.  However, since our population is not evenly distributed, Donald Trump was able to win victories by tiny margins in 3 states (Wisconsin by .9%, Michigan by .2%, Pennsylvania by .8%, subject to recounts).  In those states, Donald Trump had 87,504 more votes than Hillary Clinton and, under a winner-take-all allocation, would receive 46 electoral votes. Nationwide, Hillary Clinton only needs 38 electoral votes to reach 270 and win.

This is an electoral process based on geography, not the political will of the people.  It can, however, be modified to reflect the political will of the people and you can do that in this election. Thirty-eight true patriots who are now designated as Trump electors can do it by voting for Clinton instead.

Donald Trump exhibits a lack of knowledge about the complexities of modern domestic and foreign policy and has never held any elective office.  His personal behavior and demeanor is offensive to millions at home and abroad.  His business history is one of repeated law violations, lawsuits, civil settlements and bankruptcies.  He refuses to release his federal income tax returns so we must assume has something to hide.  He does business in many countries from which complete disinvestment is virtually impossible. Many of those businesses would present targets for terrorist attacks or opportunities for political pressure to be applied.  He bragged of his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has received millions from his businesses in Russia and our national security professionals believe Russia illegally invaded U.S. private email and database files for the purpose of influencing this election.

Finally, at least 65 million Americans do not want him to carry out his stated intended actions as President.  Donald Trump is, therefore, everything our election process is supposed to protect us from as President of the United States.  We cannot subvert our democracy by allowing 87,504 votes in 3 states to “trump” 2.6 million votes across 50 states and the District of Columbia. Please let the will of the people be done. The world is watching.

To your readers: you can go to to express your opinion in this matter.  Maybe it won’t work but it’s too important not to try.

Thank you,

Mary Bell Lockhart


Ms. Lockhart is the Brewster County Democratic Party chairwoman. – the editor.



As an Independent who leans right, I am getting such a tickle out of watching the Democrats figure out why they lost. It is the best entertainment out there.

Well, folks, here is why. I watch a lot of religious programs on TV, and every one that I watched told their flock to vote for Trump. One day Hillary gave a speech about Planned Parenthood and said that when elected she would remove the restrictions on partial birth abortions. That is the day she lost the election. We have had to live with Roe vs. Wade for years and this was the last straw. Pastors told the people to vote Life, and on WETN, priests told Catholics to vote Life. And we came out in droves. We have had enough. There is no way Christians would let the Democrats pick more Supreme Court Judges.

The Lord won this election; the churches had us pray every night at 8pm for the candidate that would uphold our values, Life. And that person is Trump.

I know folks will say that there are “other issues” besides abortion. No, there’s not! “First chose the kingdom of God…” Life is nonnegotiable. Period! I have heard women say “it’s my body!” No it is not, once you conceive you are sharing a body with another human being. And you have to right to murder it, no matter what the law says.

It’s funny, there is a saying that the Lord raises up fools to confound the wise. Seems appropriate. Just my opinion.

Donna Demore


Story filed under: West Texas Talk

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