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Made-in-Marfa TV show premieres Friday

August 18th, 2016 under Home Story Highlight » Top Stories
(AMAZON STUDIOS production still) Actor Kevin Bacon walks a horse down South Dean Street during the June filming of the Amazon original series, I Love Dick.

(AMAZON STUDIOS production still)
Actor Kevin Bacon walks a horse down South Dean Street during the June filming of the Amazon original series, I Love Dick.

‘I Love Dick’ on Amazon


MARFA – The TV pilot filmed in Marfa this summer will premiere Friday on Amazon Video. “I Love Dick,” starring Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn and Griffin Dunne, will stream online starting at 8am for all Amazon customers and not exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

The show, based on Chris Kraus’ 1997 novel, tells the story of Chris, played by Hahn, and her obsession with a professor named Dick, starring Bacon. She navigates between Dick, her work, and her marriage to Sylvère, played by Dunne.

Rather than Southern California where the novel primarily takes place, the comedy unfolds in Marfa. Our town in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert guides the story along as Chris adjusts to small town living and learns to embrace the remoteness for her self-discovery as with many other real-life transplants to town.

The crew descended on Marfa in late May and spent two weeks filming all around town from the Capri event space to the space formerly occupied by the Museum of Electronic Wonders & Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour. Locals were hired as extras to fill the background, some with speaking parts, and photos of Bacon filming around town popped up on social media.

Bacon also surprised Marfa ISD teachers and staff at their end of year party when he presented a check of $5,000 to the Marfa Education Foundation.

Those who attended the Marfa Film Festival last month got to see a first, but incomplete, look of the “I Love Dick” pilot. Although it was never publicly announced, word spread quickly in that small town fashion what the “secret screening” would be and the Crowley Theater was packed to the rafters mostly with local residents.

Film festival creator/director Robin Lambaria introduced the screening as a “really special surprise.” It was the first time she showed something at the festival without seeing it first, even though she is one of the actors in the episode with a speaking role.

“We have something happening in this town that hasn’t happened . . . probably forever on this level since ‘Giant,’” said Lambaria.

Granted, there have been movies aplenty filmed in the Marfa since “Giant,” including “There Will Be Blood,” “No Country for Old Men,” “Far Marfa” and “Marfa Girl,” but a TV show with multiple episodes hasn’t been filmed in Marfa in a long time, if ever.

Series creator Jill Soloway and writer Sarah Gubbins, who happened to be in town that weekend, shared their gratitude to the residents for allowing them to film in Marfa, but warned those who had hoped to see themselves on the big screen that night that they probably didn’t make the cut.

“Try to enjoy it for the love of the whole thing,” said Soloway. “Yes, don’t look for yourself.”

The screening ended with applause and cheers as Soloway jumped back on stage with Lambaria to thank poet Eileen Myles, Soloway’s girlfriend who has a home here, for suggesting Marfa be the show’s setting.

Anyone who views the episode can leave feedback as they would with any other product on the online commerce site. The feedback will help determine whether the show becomes an ongoing series.

Although, rumor has it around town that the show is already picked up.

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Story filed under: Home Story Highlight » Top Stories

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