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Lucha Libre alive and well in El Paso’s Segundo Barrio

April 14th, 2016 under Multimedia » Multimedia Highlight


EL PASO – Lucha Libre is alive and well in El Paso’s historic Segundo Barrio neighborhood thanks to Mama Lucha, a company run by former Mexican world champion luchador Cassandro.

The Mexican-style wrestling, which take place every two weeks at the Houchen Community Center, are family affairs, despite the sometimes-vulgar language espoused by the wrestlers who wear colorful masks. The children, who make up about half of the 150-plus audience, are not only allowed, but encouraged to take to the ring during intermissions.

The acrobatic wrestlers flip and fly through the air in the dimly-lit room, which is intimate enough to hear every punch land, every kick make contact, and every grunt from the luchadores’ mouths; that is when the audience isn’t chanting for Hormiga or Cassandro – who still performs – during the more intense moments of the card.

Cassandro is set for a rematch against noted heel Peluchin Maldad on Sunday, April 24 in a feud match, as Peluchin Maldad flung the much-loved Cassandro through the audience seats before beating him bloody with a folding metal chair.

Though the announcements are completely in Spanish, suplexes and body slams don’t require translation.

Mama Lucha is one of several wrestling companies in El Paso.

The Houchen Community Center is located at 609 Tays Street.

For more information on Mama Lucha, including match dates, please visit

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Story filed under: Multimedia » Multimedia Highlight

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