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Proposed pipeline resolution drafted

May 7th, 2015 under Top Stories

ALPINE – Opponents of the Trans Pecos Pipeliine have drafted a proposed resolution for the Alpine City Council to possibly consider during an upcoming meeting:

Resolution – the City of Alpine, by a majority vote of their City Council, hereby ratify;

Whereas all residents of the city of Alpine have the right to hold private property without threat of expropriation or taking by corporate entities for purposes of private gain rather than public use.

Whereas, all residents of the city of Alpine, along with ecosystems within the city, possess the right to clean air, water and soil.

Whereas, ecosystems with the City of Alpine including but not limited to creeks, arroyos, wetlands and aquifers, possess the right to exist, flourish and naturally evolve.

Whereas all residents of the City of Alpine, along with ecosystems within the City, possess the right to be free from chemical trespass by toxic substances, loud noises, and bright lights at night.

Therefore, by way of a city-wide ban, all activities that engage in the siting or operation of equipment to support extraction of oil or gas, including pipelines, compressors, boosters, blow-down stations, purging apparatus or other infrastructure, within the City of Alpine, is prohibited. This prohibition shall not apply to the maintenance or repair of infrastructures used for delivery to retail end-users of gas or oil.

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