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Flint restricted from Terlingua in bond hearing Friday

February 14th, 2014 under Top Stories



(photo via Facebook) Tony Flint

(photo via Facebook)
Tony Flint

ALPINE – Murder suspect Tony Michael Flint was ordered not to come within 30 miles of the Texas-Mexico border at a bond hearing Friday morning in connection with the February 4 death of La Kiva bar & restaurant owner Glenn Felts of Terlingua.

It was the second bond hearing for the Terlingua river guide who has been charged with murder in connection with Felts death. Last week, 83rd District Attorney Rod Ponton sought to increase Flint’s bond to $400,000 from the $200,000 bond initially set by Brewster County Justice of the Peace Jerry Sotello. Ponton argued the bond was too low for the alleged crime, but 394th State Judicial District Judge Roy Ferguson denied the motion and set certain conditions for Flint’s release.

On Friday, the judge added the condition that Flint not go near the border, effectively preventing him from returning to Terlingua, which is located in south Brewster County near the border with Mexico.

Flint is being held in the Brewster County Jail in Alpine since his arrest on February 4.

The other conditions for Flint’s release – in addition to posting $20,000 of the $200,000 bond – is that he wear a GPS monitoring device, stay in Brewster County or contiguous counties, report weekly to a probation officer, not partake in alcohol or drug use, submit to periodic blood tests, and not possess or purchase firearms.

(photo by and courtesy of VONI GLAVES) Glenn Felts

(photo by and courtesy of VONI GLAVES)
Glenn Felts

Flint may seek employment in north Brewster County and surrounding counties, but he can’t return to his home state of Missouri as he had requested.

The down-to-earth Felts was a fixture on the Terlingua scene since the 1990s, and he was easily spotted with his long, blond hair and gimme cap. His quirky bar and restaurant on the bank of Terlingua Creek that he inherited from his uncle Gil Felts was an outpost for locals and tourists alike, a rock and concrete structure built to resemble caves.

His body was found near the entrance of La Kiva by an employee the morning of February 4. Death appeared to be from blunt trauma force. Physical evidence and statements to law enforcement by Flint led to his arrest.

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One Response to “Flint restricted from Terlingua in bond hearing Friday”

  1. StormFront says:

    He should not have been allowed to bond out. I don’t care what the conditions. To top that off they made it easy going soft on the amount….he should have had to pay the whole $200,000, just like anyone else would have to. Does being a river guide mean they go easy on him. He’s a creep, he murdered a guy who did an enormous amount of good for his community.

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