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Update: Judge Ferguson denies higher bond for Flint

February 6th, 2014 under Top Stories
(photo by and courtesy of VONI GLAVES) Glenn Felts

(photo by and courtesy of VONI GLAVES)
Glenn Felts


BREWSTER COUNTY – Judge Roy Ferguson of the 394th State Judicial District denied 83rd District Attorney Rod Ponton’s request for a higher bond during today’s 3pm hearing in Alpine . Ponton filed a motion on Thursday to increase the bond for murder suspect Tony Michael Flint, and in doing so, released new details in the death of La Kiva bar owner Glenn Felts.

In a state’s motion to increase bond, Ponton states that the initial bond of $200,000 is too low based on similar cases, and he requests an increase bond of $400,000. Typically, a defendant has to pay 10 percent of the bond’s face value to be released. In this case, Flint would have to pay $20,000.

Ponton states because of the possible outcome of the crime, if convicted would include a murder conviction and a maximum penalty of life imprisonment; Flint could flee if he’s released on the current bond.

(photo via Facebook) Tony Flint

(photo via Facebook)
Tony Flint

Flint was arrested Tuesday, February 4, in connection of Felts’ death Monday night. After being questioned by local law enforcement, Flint was taken into custody after Judge Ferguson issued a warrant for his arrest.

In the bond-increase motion, the State indicates it has obtained a video showing Felts and Flint exchanging whiskey shots at La Kiva around midnight, February 4. The video also shows Flint highly intoxicated, wearing a red knit cap and pushing on Felts.

Felts was discovered at La Kiva without a shirt by an employee Tuesday morning. Investigators discovered a red knit cap, the same worn by Flint in the video, and a boot print near the scene of the crime. The bloody shirt worn by Felts that night was also discovered in Flint’s house.

The document also says that the State has more evidence to support the charge of intentional murder and cover-up. It also says Flint did not deny killing Felts and made a statement that he apparently killed a man.

Ponton is asking to raise the bond because of the nature of the alleged crime as well as for the safety of the Brewster County community. He said it will also show that the Big Bend community doesn’t tolerate homicide as shock spread through Terlingua Tuesday as the news spread about Felts’ death.

“Bail of $500,000 was deemed reasonable in a first-degree murder case, where defendant has no family ties in Texas, has moved residences at least once while in Texas and was last living in an extended stay hotel and was not employed outside the house,” the motion states.

However, Flint is from Missouri, where his family is, and doesn’t have ties in Texas. He’s lived in the Big Bend area for around three to four years and works as a river guide where he spends part of the year in Colorado or elsewhere, according to the motion. He doesn’t own any property and has no permanent residence in Terlingua as his residence is a tent.

Ponton states the amount requested of $400,000 will “not act as an instrument of oppression,” and Flint may be able to obtain surety in this amount.

The Alpine Daily Planet reports that Judge Ferguson did approve the following conditions that requires Flint to wear a monitoring device, to stay in Brewster County or contiguous counties, to report weekly to a probation officer, to not partake in alcohol or drug use and to submit to periodic blood tests, whenever the probation officer seems necessary.

KLVF reported that Ferguson admonished those present, which consisted of two newspeople, law enforcement personnel, attorneys, and court personnel, at the conclusion of the hearing about using the media to try the case. He stated that today’s hearing announcement appeared on Brewster County Sheriff’s Facebook and Marfa Public Radio’s website before he had formally scheduled the procedure.

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One Response to “Update: Judge Ferguson denies higher bond for Flint”

  1. KarmaWalrus says:

    Increased bond “for the safety of the community.” Rod Ponton is a power hungry totalitarian. Of everyone involved in this tragedy Rod Ponton is the only one who sees an opportunity. He will try and make this a circus, to exploit this sorrowful incident in an attempt to further his own political career.

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