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Cowboys probed by Roswell Invaders, win one and lose one against White Sands Pupfish

May 31st, 2013 under Sports

ALPINE, ROSWELL, NM – The Alpine Cowboys finished their four-game series against the Roswell Invaders with three losses and one win.

The Cowboys were defeated by almost 10 points in the first game, with a 13-4 final; a 5-point deficit in the second game with a 10-5 final; and with a 9-8 squeeker in the third game.

(photo by ROBERT BAILEY) Brian Smith threw a masterful game Sunday, three-hitting the Invaders to get Alpine’s first win in the series.

The Cowboys came ready for the fourth game, scoring eight points while leaving the Invaders scoreless.

The Cowboys traveled to Alamogordo following their win in Roswell to face off once again against the White Sands Pupfish.

The Cowboys, who ended their last series with the Pupfish with 4 wins and 1 loss, fell to the Pupfish in the first game in a heartbreaker 4-3 game. The Cowboys and the Pupfish were neck-in-neck throughout the second game, coming out on top with an 8-7 final.

The Cowboys will finish their series with the Pupfish tonight at Alamogordo before coming back to Kokernot to get revenge on the Invaders tomorrow at 7:05pm.

The Cowboys will play a double-header against the Invaders at 4:05 and 7pm. The series will finish with a Sunday game at 7pm.

The Cowboys will take two days off from playing before going back to Alamogordo on Wednesday.

The Cowboys currently hold a record of 9-6 this season.

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