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Presidio Elementary School and LRFMS impress GEAR judges

April 25th, 2013 under Education

PRESIDIO – On April 19, PES and LRFMS students attended the Get Excited about Robotics (GEAR) Regional Competition at Texas Tech University.

The Presidio Elementary School Team 1 with coaches and judges, fron left, TTU Engineering Design Judge 1, Ernie Monte, Baldemar Solis, Ricardo Chapa, Tanja Karp, Jaspher Valeriano, Paul Valeriano, Adrian Escontrias, and Rolando Gloria.

GEAR is a 6-8 week LEGO robotics challenge for elementary and middle school students during which students build and program LEGO robots to perform specific tasks. To solve challenges, students learn engineering skills through a teaming exercise in design, building, programming, testing and troubleshooting wheeled LEGO robots that perform and compete on an 8ft. by 8ft. field.

Presidio concluded the competition with teams in both elementary and middle school winning 3 major awards. The elementary team, composed of 4 brilliant students, surpassed 124 other teams and won First Place over all. They climbed right up to the top, landing in third place in the elimination round. The Elementary team also was awarded the “Best in Programming” for integrated 2-3 program tasks in one program with precision and accuracy.

The Middle school teams, composed of five equally brilliant girls, amazed the judges with their presentation. They instantly grabbed the judge’s attention with their essay that uniquely conveyed their STEM experience from the perspective of Dr. Picassa, their robot creation, and eloquently explained their engineering design choices. The LRFMS surpassed 120 teams and were awarded the “Young Engineers Award.” Their performance in the elimination rounded landed them in 11th place. The two remaining teams from the middle school landed in 36th and 37th place on the elimination round.

Presidio Elementary Team 1 is comprised of Paul Valeriano, Adrian Escontrias, Ricardo Chapa, Baldemar Solis; Middle School Team 1 members are Regina Froese, Liza Barron, Flor Leyva, Damaris Pereza;

Middle School Team 2 is made up of John Valeriano, Andres Villa, Arturo Alferez, Homero Leyva, Bryan Holman; and Middle School Team 3 members are Luis Peraza, Danielle Carrillo. The students are coached by Ernie G. Monte, Jaspher Valeriano, Rolando Gloria

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