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Beauchamp pharmacy one of downtown Marfa’s iconic buildings

November 1st, 2012 under Arts


MARFA – While driving or walking along North Highland Avenue in downtown Marfa, it’s nearly impossible to miss the Pharmacy Building Apartments. The greenish-grey building with the stained wood accents, whose downstairs hosts Marfa Stuff and the Marfa Film Festival office, commands attention from the passers by.

The building, erected in 1909, has been remodeled under current owner Jeff Beauchamp. Famed architect, and friend of Beauchamp, Carlos Jimenez, who also designed Beauchamp’s Houston home, oversaw the renovation. The Houston home was Jimenez’s first major house project and received praise in numerous architecture and design publications.

The Beauchamp building on North Highland Avenue has four apartments upstairs and three commercial spaces on the ground floor. It housed Cross Pharmacy at one time.

“We looked at about ten different architects for our Houston home,” said Beauchamp. “It was easy to make a decision when we came across Carlos.” The project then led to a decades-long friendship and no doubt in Beauchamp’s mind of who to hire when it came time to renovate the old Cross Pharmacy building.

The design of the apartments, with input from fellow panelist at this year’s Marfa Architecture + Design symposium Marlys Tokerud, showcases Jimenez’s trademark precision in detail and his use of contemporary, clean lines while still maintaining the look and feel of the adobe. Contractor James Cook, who also worked with Jimenez on the Cibolo Creek Ranch renovation, worked on the two-year project and met the high demands of the fastidious architect.

Jimenez is a tenured professor at the Rice University School of Architecture and was a member of the Pritzker Prize jury for a decade before retiring last year. He will be a speaker during the Marfa + Judd + Today portion of the symposium on Friday, November 2.

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