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Obama in Texas. Will he tour fire damaged areas?

by Alberto Halpern | May 10th, 2011 under Big Bend Blog


President Barack Obama will arrive in the Lone Star State today to deliver an address on fixing the immigration system in the country. His visit comes at a time when much of the midwest and southern parts of the country have been hammered by natural disasters such as tornadoes, flooding and of course, raging wildfires throughout Texas.

The Obama Administration has been greatly criticized by Texas Republican officials for denying Texas Governor Rick Perry’s request that a federal disaster declaration be called for Texas in light of multiple fires that continue to burn. West Texas and San Antonio Congressman Francisco Canseco has called Obama’s move an, “assault on Texas.” Canseco’s office has produced a video attacking the President for not responding favorably to Governor Perry’s request.

Perry, one of the President’s biggest critics, is clearly losing his temper with President Obama, saying, “There is no consistency with this administration.”

In a letter to the President last Friday, May 6, U.S. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn of Texas invited President Obama to view areas of Texas that have been damaged by the fire saying, “We are hopeful that after seeing this devastation firsthand, you will reconsider your recent denial and provide the State and localities with the vital resources and funding required to fully support their work.”

President Obama will deliver his immigration speech in El Paso at 2:30 pm central standard time. Afterwards he will travel to Austin for a fundraiser. To view the President’s schedule for the day, click here.

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4 Responses to “Obama in Texas. Will he tour fire damaged areas?”

  1. Johnny Chan says:

    Well, in case you don’t know, there were things the fed gov could have done to help address the fires directly. It’s our money the federal government runs on. And it’s right and proper a state governor ask for it when deemed an emergency. It’s puzzling to me the people who think the governor is out of line for that, and really kind of sickening how they enjoy inane criticisms, such as the “praying for rain” cliche, while Texas properties burn and firefighters struggle. I’m beginning to believe liberalism really is a mental disease.

  2. Why didn’t he visit Marfa?

  3. Richard says:

    Likewise I find it repulsive. Here in Del Rio for a couple of weeks there were several federal fire fighters from different states with their fire fighting gear.

    What I do know is that we lost our home along with all of our belongings in the July 2010 Rio Grande / Hurricane Alex flooding and the federal aid was there for us to help put us back where we were before the flood. We were treated very well and got what we needed to get on our feet. We were able to relocate out of the flood plain to a safe location.

    I read where FEMA has awarded the state several grants for the fires within the state, US SBA has come to the areas declared disaster areas to assist folks with low interest loans to replace their destroyed property. This is the help that we were given also. Somehow I don’t think that there is anything President Obama and the federal government could do that would in any way satisfy Gov. Perry. The bottom line of the disaster relief programs is to put one back where they were.

    It would be nice if the State would pay our share of the fire fighting costs instead of trying to force trickle down funding on federal and local levels.

  4. Monte Riggs says:

    I find it repulsive that a state administration that has offered nothing more substantial or imaginative than prayer for rain is critical of the President for lack of support.

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