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Four more days until a Marfalafel

by Alberto Halpern | February 25th, 2011 under Big Bend Blog

But who’s counting?

Well when it comes to the return to business for Food Shark, the truck by the tracks that serves up desert-inspired delights, it seems many a Marfa mouth is watering.

Take, for example, the Facebook post of Tim Johnson, over at Marfa Book Co. Today, the end of the third full week since culinary impresarios Krista Steinhauer and Adam Bork took off to honeymoon on Easter Island, Johnson wrote:

“A Flute, A Float, A Falafel. Oh, Food Shark! Where are you …”

Of course, during these digital days one need not wonder too much.

The couple posted this video from Easter Island.

Food Shark opens for business again, in Marfa, on Tuesday. See you there.

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